Most people realize that losing weight is a healthy thing to do, but fail to realize all the ways that excess weight and obesity affect their overall health.  If you’ve struggled with weight loss, there are two surprising reasons to consider a Pembroke Pines weight loss center to get the help you need.

Sleep Apnea

The term “apnea” refers to a cessation of breathing, and sleep apnea is when someone stops breathing at night during sleep, typically for just a few seconds until they wake themselves up and start breathing again.  This condition is very dangerous for a number of reasons.  One being that
interrupted sleep can lead to damage to your internal organs, daytime sleepiness, loss of concentration, mood disorders, and falling asleep at inappropriate times.  Those who don’t
wake up in time to start breathing again can actually die from sleep apnea.

Many cases of sleep apnea are caused by excessive body fat around the neck collapsing onto the airway.  A good Pembroke Pines weight loss doctor is trained to help someone who has this
condition and quite possibly save that person’s life.

Heart Disease

You may not associate obesity with heart disease, but fat collects around more than just your midsection. It also collects around your internal organs, including your heart.  Plaque and cholesterol can also be trapped in the arteries causing your heart to have to work harder to pump blood through.

Using the services of a Pembroke Pines weight loss center will encourage a healthy weight, as well as a healthy heart and respiratory system.  Being mindful of what you eat and how often you exercise will keep your weight under control and strengthen your heart and lungs and all your major systems.

A center with a Pembroke Pines weight loss doctor will also give you the support you need to ensure your good health.  A program of this quality will be based on healthy and medically sound advice, and will not include crash or fad diets.  These are just a few reasons to onsider a good support center when struggling with weight loss.

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