The Dr. G’s Medical Weight Loss Program in Wellington

How It Works

Lose weight in the most effective and safest way at our weight loss center in Wellington. Our medical weight loss program is effective and our clients see results because of several reasons.

Individualized Program

There is no universal diet or weight loss program that will be effective for everyone. We are all vastly different and our bodies don’t act or react in the same manner. This is why we pride ourselves on developing personalized weight loss programs for all of our clients.  It doesn’t matter how much weight you want to lose and it doesn’t matter if you have a slow metabolism. The beauty of our program is that is created just for you.

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

We take factors such as your age, weight, medical history, blood work results, weight loss goals, and body mass index into consideration before prescribing medications and supplements. Our medications and supplements effectively work together to reduce the appetite, cravings, and anxiety eating. They also work to increase the metabolism and all of these things combined is a recipe for progressive weight loss.


Many people who try other diets and weight loss programs are stuck eating unappetizing pre-packaged meals. Our program differs from the rest because you can actually eat foot at home or enjoy going out for a bite. We will create a meal plan especially for you that fits well with your lifestyle and caloric needs. If you prefer the convenience of meal replacements, we offer products that are tasty and designed for use with our medications.

Activity & Fitness

Combining daily exercise with our medications and supplements is critical for optimal weight loss. It doesn’t matter if you like to walk, run, or play sports, we will plan out an exercise routine that fits well with your lifestyle.

Post Treatment Maintenance Program

Losing the weight means you have won the battle but the war is ongoing. Maintaining the weight loss requires dedication and we will design a maintenance program that helps you keep the results you worked so hard to achieve!

We sincerely look forward to you getting started on your new future by reaching your weight loss goal. Click for more information today!