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Our Miami Diet Doctor Prescribes Weight Loss with a Side of Sun

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You’re in Miami, the land of sunshine and bathing suits. The weather is beautiful, the people are beautiful and the beaches never stop calling your name. Thankfully, you’re also in the land of a top-notch Miami diet doctor and a world-class, custom diet program. Whether you’re just a few inches away from being bathing-suit read or not even close to feeling comfortable in anything but sweatpants, Dr. G’s is here to help. With our custom-tailored diet plans, you’ll lose weight and keep it off in the most effortless, enjoyable and efficient way possible.

When you live somewhere like Miami, you can’t help but want to look your best. With the year-round summer weather and the nightlife scene famous for being so fashionable, Miami is truly a place for the beautiful people to play. However, sometimes even the best of us let ourselves go. If you’re starting to find yourself going out mostly after dark – not to hit the hottest clubs, but to avoid having everyone see the extra weight you’re carrying around – our Miami diet program might be your ticket back to the beach.

How Does it Work?

Your lifestyle can only be improved through Dr. G’s Miami diet program. At Dr. G’s, our Miami diet doctor and the rest of our team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your weight loss goals and dreams. Once we see what you’re trying to achieve, the fun part starts. We’ll create a custom plan of diet, exercise, prescription medicines and proprietary herbal blends to help you reach your weight loss goals as quickly and healthily as possible.

Our Miami diet program creates diet plans that will incorporate smoothly into your current lifestyle. You’ll never have to miss out on any meals, and we’ll never tell you that you can’t eat real food. The exercise regimen we’ll design for you will be something you’ll enjoy doing. Our licensed and professional Miami diet doctor will give you a perfect mix of medicines that will work best with your body to curb your appetite and stop your weight gain while giving you an abundance of extra energy. After you go through our Miami diet program, you’ll never have to worry about relapsing back into the fat. Our post-program support team will always be available to give you the continued moral support you may need. (Find out why you should choose us here)

10 Ways a Miami Weight Loss Doctor Can Help You Get Healthier

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From the First Lady to the Surgeon General, public figures have been speaking out about the many dangers of obesity with increased urgency of late. Why is this? Because they know things most of us do not. For example, did you know that obesity is now the number one cause of preventable death in the U.S.?

According to most experts, our nation has reached a tipping point when it comes to weight. We must address this issue in an aggressive, thoughtful manner or the obesity epidemic will only grow worse. We need also accept the fact that traditional diets do not work.

Why do we say this?

At any given time, about one-quarter to one-third of American adults are on some kinds of diet. These plans and programs have been wildly popular since the 1970s, which, coincidentally, was about the time obesity rates in America started to rise. It is not at all surprising that these one-size fits all plans could not address our weight issues, since they do not take individual differences into account. Rather, they are built on the false premise that everyone gains and drops weight the same way, which is absurd.

The alternative?

Many disillusioned dieters are now eschewing the old diet plans in favor of Miami weight loss doctors. These trained professionals treat obesity as a medical disorder rather than a simple question of willpower. And guess what? Most of them report better, safer results than traditional diets. With that in mind, we will now discuss 10 proven ways medical weight loss can help obese and overweight patients.

1. Medical exams

There are many reasons why we gain weight and not all of them are the result of poor dietary choices. That is why a Miami weight loss doctor will always start with blood work and an EKG. This not only helps him/her determine if there is an underlying disease that is responsible for your sudden weight gain, it also helps them create a safe and suitable weight loss plan.

2. Health and body composition analysis

The goal of any diet plan, especially for patients who are obese, should always be to get to a healthy weight that can be maintained. To determine exactly what that weight should be, your doctor must complete a body composition analysis before he/she develops a program or plan.

3. Regular consultations

One of primary benefits of medical Miami diet plans have over other system is that you get to speak to trained experts in the field, whether doctors or nurses. These experienced professionals will monitor your progress and give you the motivation you need to reach your goal weight.

4. Education

While most diet gurus speak in general terms about why people gain weight, medical professionals are interested in why YOU gain weight! That is why they perform all those tests and monitor your progress. They want you to know the reasons you struggle with your weight so that you can maintain a healthy weight even after your sessions come to an end.

5. Supplements

There are many safe and effective dietary supplements that a Miami diet plan doctor may recommend on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on your goal weight and individual needs.

6. Medication

Obesity typically requires a long-term treatment that includes the right combination of exercise, food, and occasionally prescription pills. It is important to note that these medications are not panaceas; they will not help you lose weight if you fail to follow your doctor’s advice.

The most popular group of these drugs is appetite suppressants that trick your body into thinking it’s full. Most are safe and have few side effects, but they are seldom prescribed for more than a few weeks or months at a time.

(Get more information on why you should choose Dr G’s here)