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4 Superfoods You Should Know About

Superfoods are natural foods containing high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols. They are valuable additions to any diet,…

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The Importance of Controlling Portion Size in Your Weight Loss Process

Weight loss is considered one of the greatest battles to overcome. But many people take the harder path to their…

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How to Maintain Your Ideal Weight with Dr. G’s Post Treatment Diet Plan

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off, and your body goals have been met. However, if you want to maintain…

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3 Ways that Snacking can Help you Lose Weight

Often when trying to lose weight, many of us think to cut out snacking from our diet. It seems like…

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The Importance of Getting a Realistic Weight Loss Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Oftentimes, first-time dieters will unknowingly set lofty weight loss goals for themselves that they will not be able to achieve.…

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What You Need to Know About the Importance of Eating “Real Food”

Of course there are options, whether you’re eating out or at home, for healthy foods that don’t sacrifice on flavor.…

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4 Easy Tricks to Help You Stay on Track with Your Weight Loss Program

Losing weight initially is the easy part of weight loss. What’s tough is maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle with…

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Don’t Incorporate Diet Soda into Your Diet

Are you an avid soda drinker? Are you one of many who have made the switch to diet soda versus…

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Five Simple Keys to Weight Loss

There are five simple guidelines to live by if you want to achieve your weight loss goals. Erin Oprea, a…

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Exercises to Help Achieve Your Dream Body

It is not necessary to have a gym membership in order to sculpt your body. For example, squats, press ups,…

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